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3027 AD. An evil regime has taken over the known world. Everything changed when a great force was released by the attack brought upon by the New Order. Orbs of great power were dispersed across the world. Only 7,777 chosen warriors have gathered to be on a mission to obtain the orbs and use it to fight back in the hopes of regaining what was lost. Their heroism has been kept for their tales to be passed on. This is the story of SoulZ.

Orbs of Z

When the planet was attacked, eight Orbs of great force and energy were released by the New Order. When collected, it grants the holder incredible power corresponding to the force each Orb contains. The people of Z had to gather them all to stand a chance for survival against this evil that has taken over.

Ramen Shop

The known world, a barren land, comes wanderers from another universe seeking answers for the lost world. In their journey, they have stumbled upon a peculiar place, a ramen shop run by an old man. Little did they know, that place holds all secrets for they have encountered one of the SoulZ warriors, the Keeper of Secrets. From here on, history unfolds..